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TOBACCO BLEND: A smooth and slightly sweet tobacco flavor.

555: A robust tobacco with hints of chocolate and hazelnut. 555 is a rich, yet not too sweet, tobacco flavor.

CLOVE: Clove replicates traditional Clove Cigarettes. A sweet and spicy blend with notes of vanilla followed by a mellow spice of clove.

BLUEBERRY: This flavoring perfectly captures the sweet and slightly sour taste of a fresh batch of blueberries.

GREEN APPLE: This flavor captures that deliciously sweet and sour, crisp, and refreshing taste of a fresh Green Apple.

CITRUS BREEZE: A complex melody of citrus and slightly sour berry with hints of menthol.

STRAWBERRY CREAM: Deliciously ripe and fresh strawberries come together with smooth sweet cream.

TROPICAL BLEND: A complex, tart, and full flavored fruity blend. A must try juice for fans of fruit vapes.

ABSINTHE: With notes of sweet anise and sugar, Absinthe is a delicious vape inspired by the classic absinthe spirit.

ISLAND PARADISE: A tropical fruit medley that will please anyone looking for the refreshing flavors of a tropical vacation.

BUTTERSCOTCH: A classic Butterscotch taste. Delight your senses with this deliciously sweet and rich butter cream vape.

HOT DAMN!: A sugary, sweet, and boldly spicy cinnamon candy vape. Get ready to kick up the flavor a notch with this tasty e-juice.

CINNAMON ROLL: Cinnamon Roll is a delicious, sweet dessert vape with a perfect blend of cinnamon and frosting.

ARCTIC CHILL: Just like the name suggests, Arctic Chill is a radically cool and frigidly smooth minty vape.

SOLAR WIND: A delectably tart and sweet menthol vape with strong notes of fresh citrus and cool mint.

FROST BERRY: A blend of berries with a cool menthol finish. A cool and fruity vape.