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Ego Twist, Variable Voltage Starter Kit Kanger Protank 3 Eleaf Istick 30w, 2200 mah

EGO TWIST STARTER KIT: A classic, reliable, and affordable Ego style battery. Comes with a carrying case that includes a CE4 tank, extra empty E-Juice bottle, a USB charging cable, and a free bottle of E-Juice!

KANGER PROTANK V3: This sleek tank is compact and easy to use. Simply change out the dual coil heads when needed and you're ready to vape.

ELEAF ISTICK 50W: This powerful device is great for starter tanks as well as rebuildable atomizers. A 4400 mah battery capacity will provide long lasting power.

Eleaf Istick 50w, 4400 mah Sigelei 150w Box Mod Mechanical Mods. Chiyou Mod, Panzer Mod, King Mod, Nemesis Mod

ELEAF ISTICK 30W: This variable wattage device is great for starter tanks as well as rebuildable atomizers. A 2200 mah capacity will ensure that you will be vaping for several hours.

SIGELEI 150W: Sigelei's powerhouse box mod is sleek and durable. This variable wattage device handles sub ohm builds down to .1 ohms, has a spring loaded center pin, and pairs great with our 2500mah Samsung 25R 18650's.

MECHANICAL MODS: These clone mods are sleek and affordable. Combined with our Samsung 2500 mah batteries, you will be blowing clouds for hours.

Kanger Subtank, Sub Ohm Atomizer Rebuildable Atomizer Mutation X V2 RDA Rebuildable Atomizer Plume Veil RDA

KANGER SUBTANK MINI: This sub ohm atomizer holds 4.5 ml of juice, and is easy and convenient. Just switch out the replacable coil heads and vape away. An awesome tank for flavor and vapor production.

MUTATION X V2: The Mutation X rebuildable dripping atomizer was designed to produce massive vapor. The adjustable airflow controls your cloud-blowing experience. Be sure to pick up some Kanthal and cotton from our shop too.

PLUME VEIL RDA: This rebuildable dripping atomizer produces amazing flavor and enormous vapor. Great for dual coil builds. It looks awesome too!

Kayfun Atomizer, Rebuidable Tank Atomizer Ohm / Voltage Tester Samsung 25R 18650,, 20 amp, 2500 mah

KAYFUN ATOMIZER: The Kayfun rebuildable atomizer produces great vapor and astounding flavor. This high quality tank will hold 4.5ml of your favorite juice.

OHM / VOLTAGE TESTER: A handy and accurate little item to test the resistance of your coil builds on rebuildable atomizers and measure battery voltage.

SAMSUNG 25R 18650: These Samsung 20 amp batteries hold a 2500 mah charge and work great for mechanical mods and box mods.

Nitecore i2 18650, 26650 Charger Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire, Various Gauges, 26 ga, 28 ga, 30 ga, 32 ga Quality, Absorbant, Japanese Organic Cotton For Rebuildable Atomizers

NITECORE i2 CHARGER: The Nitecore i2 charger is a fast and reliable charger for any 18350, 18650, and 26650 batteries that you may have.

KANTHAL 26, 28, 30, 32: Various sizes of Premium A1 Kanthal available for wrapping your own coils. Don't forget to pick up some organic cotton too.

JAPANESE ORGANIC COTTON: Bring out the best flavor from your juice with this Japanese Organic Cotton. This quality cotton is super absorbent and will never give you a dry hit.

Ego battery USB and Wall Charger

EGO WALL CHARGER & CABLE: Charge your ego batteries with this affordable and reliable wall charger and USB charging cable.